Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am 5 years old today! Woot!

I am 5 years old today and needless to say, today is my BIG day! Yay! 
My parents are notorious when it comes to keeping things under wrap and it's driving me crazy. Dad came home and quietly put a box on the kitchen top. As usual, mom is busy cooking dinner for us all and it always smells good. So folks, what's for tonight? Somebody, talk to me!!!
I am Dexter, the Birthday boy ☺
Oh wow! I wonder what's the excitement is all about?
I smell something really delicious!

Finally, dad came and carry me unto the table and said "Happy Birthday son. I've got you your favorite cake - Lapis Cake all the way from Indonesia". Is this real? Someone pinch me? It is real! Thank you God! This cake smells and taste heavenly ☺ 
♥♥ Bark-bark-bark! My favourite Lapis cake! Irresistible!!! ♥♥

I turn to my left, I saw my birthday dinner. It look so tantalizing and i really want to sink my teeth into it immediately. Oh, this is so surreal! 
♥♥ My dinner - Pan fried salmon steak with fries and vegetable. Ma-ma-mia! ♥
Just as I was about to get into all the action, I was interrupted and was requested to take Birthday photos instead. Do I have to do this? I wanna eat. Can we get this done quickly? So near yet so far...sigh! It is rude to keep a Corgi waiting on his Birthday, you know? 
For me? Smells good dah! (Sniff, sniff...)

♥ Barkday photo - Mommy and me ♥
♥ Barkday photo - Daddy and me ♥
Can I eat now?
I believe this is your share. 
I am the Birthday boy. So technically speaking, the rest of the cake is mine!
(Mom: Dr said you need to loose weight)
(Dexter: Since when?)
Finally, I get to eat! Today is really fine dinning. Sorry, too busy to talk now... Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp... ☺  Ahh... after a good meal, I felt so blessed and happy - I just feel like playing now. Let me go grab my toys! 
These are my toys.
Godma, I still have all the balls you gave me! ☼
Hello there! Do you wanna play? What's your name? ☺
It is FUN to dig! ☺
Mom and dad, thanks for the wonderful Birthday dinner. I love it!☺
I had such a wonderful time tonight. Another year older and another year wiser. As mom and dad tucked me into bed, I began to ponder a little about life> It is impossible for us not to envy the young. However, we can choose to be all that we can be at every age/ at various stages of our life by concentrating on all the good things still and know what is truly important. 

Life is a canvas - don't be afraid, paint it with faith. 
God's plan is good, His power is great and the best is yet to come. Zzzzz..... ☺

Saturday, August 11, 2007

National Dog Walk 2007

This year's NDW is very significant to me because I missed Trax kor-kor. I missed his protective nature around me. Trax kor-kor will always scold the unruly youngsters who tries to push their boundaries. I missed him and at the same time happy for him because he is very happy now.

Let me share with you this "special" event. I remember it was last Sunday. I sensed that my folks are going to bring me out and I was so exuberant the whole morning. I knew my speculation was correct once I see my dad brought out my blue carrier. Woo-Hoo! We are going out!

Godma came and behind was Trax and Barnabas kor-kor. The familiar sight of godma's smile and her enthusiastic energy & the smell of the 2 kor-kors' panting behind is comforting to me. I didn't know godma & dad can think alike sometimes - Both thought and laughed about the possibility of more than 2,000 Dog-Made-Land Mines around West Coast Park (Depending on how many time we poop!). Godma even wore a pair of shoes to avoid stepping into the land mine accidentally & get her feet soiled.

When we arrived, we met Bear-Bear's family and all of us walked together to the starting point. I have to say this - It was as if all the dogs (big and small of all kinds) in Singapore were there! No joke - It was like a sea of dogs and humans! I was excited and for one moment "Lost". Oh my goodness! Look at the amount of butts! THERE ARE SO MANY BUTTS TO SNIFF! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!

I am so happy to find Chester. Finally I get to hangout with him. Heard so much about him from godma and mummy. I was wondering, who is this "Chez Bond" fella? Finally I got to meet him and his family. He is wonderful and cool. Here is a photo of me and Chez Bond.

Chester (Chez Bond) & ME

I am shy to admit that this is my 1st time being introduced to a girl. Her name is Brownie and she came with her daddy, Adrian. She is so pretty and sweet. I really like her but I am shy! (Blush) I am glad daddy took a picture of us together. I hope to see her again.

My Secret Admirer, Brownie & Me

Mum is totally excited when she saw this dude, Carrot. Carrot came with his daddy, Takiap. Mummy was all "Oohs and Aahs!" I don't get it. What is so great about this dude? Mum just asked me to keep quiet and said I should have another sibling just like him. I was like "Huh"? What's wrong with just me alone. I don't want to share my bones or toys with anyone else.

Mummy & Carrot

The whistle was blown and it was a signal to us that the big walk had begun and we have to move our lazy bums. So the sea of dogs and humans moved slowly to the direction of car park 1. Godma was enjoying the walk and pushing Trax kor-kor in his stroller. Barnabas kor-kor gave godma a hand in pulling Trax kor-kor's stroller. Daddy and Uncle R having a nice chat while both our mummy walking us around. We enjoyed a nice stroll under the sun for about 20 minutes and we arrived at a carnival. We all decided to take a nice group photo together to celebrate our victorious arrival!

Group Photo: (L-R)
Mum and me, Auntie S and Chester,
Godma and Trax, Uncle R and Barnabas
What do most kiasu Singaporeans do when they arrived at the carnival? Bingo! U are right! They all rushed to redeem their goody bags. The Q was like CTE morning jam... Haha. Hwah! The walk was not too bad but why are all our parents looking so tired? Woof! Hey folks, buck up! Trax kor-kor don't look as bad as all of u. We all found each other and a nice spot. We all sat around each other and refreshed ourselves with drinks and food. Oh! Mummy gave me 1 big cheese hot dog. I love it! Yummy! There were plenty of drinks and food kiosk. U can smell all kind of food smell in the air. Our parents had a good time "chatting" while we mingle with each other.

Godma panting & resting with Barn2 & Trax kor-kor.
Barn2 was disturbing Trax kor2 that he gets his stroller now!
Trax just let him have it & enjoy the nice grass & squeeky toy

Me & Mum Taking A Break

This is Uncle R, Chester's daddy. I like him and Auntie S. They are very nice, gentle and loving. I enjoyed my brief encounter with him. Here is a photo of us together. Hope to meet up with them again!

Uncle R and Me

At the end of the whole big walk and picnic. Mummy and Uncle R decided to take a photo of us beside the "End of Walk" signboard for memory sake. Here is a picture of Chester and Uncle R. Uncle R is a strong man! Wow-Wee!

Chester and Daddy at the "End of Walk" Sign

Mummy isn't a Wonder Woman so she can only carry me beside the finish sign. We all went home tired but happy. Seriously, we met so many other wonderful dogs and their folks that we finally lost count. Yawn... I am tired (zzzz). Shortly after I dozed off, mum woke me up for dinner and after burping, I am off to dreamland again. Thanks godma! U are the best - To me! Woof!

Mummy and Me at the "End of Walk" Signboard